Sankalp Mohan Sharma is the Founder and Director of the Sachh Foundation, an organization working on creating the largest youth network of young leaders working towards sustainable development from around the world. Sachh Foundation is present in over 5 countries and has executed several successful campaigns towards sustainable development. He is one of India's youngest climate reality leaders to be trained in Houston Texas at the Climate reality leadership training program by Al Gore, Nobel laureate & ex Vice President of the United States of America. He has been presenting speeches and presentations on climate change water conservation and sustainable development as a part of his advocacy program too people off all age groups, backgrounds and from every strata of the society from schools and colleges to organizations and rotary clubs, one of his most glorious speeches was with 200 soldiers of the Indian Army that went out of their way to pledge to conserve water. Sankalp is the Karnataka State Head of the Global Walk for Water campaign and organized the historic walk on 22nd of March in Karnataka. He is the youngest Indian to represent the country at the IYF leadership conference in South Korea and also the youngest Indian to represent the country at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Winner of the Global Young Voices Competition in the UN and thus presented a speech & presentation of my work there. Invited by Obama Foundation to represent the youth at a personal town hall with President Obama to discuss the future of working with the foundation and youth of India jointly. Winner of the Akhil Uday award, Aryan Young achiever Award, national society of high school scholars honor by Mr. Claes Nobel, senior most member of the family that established the Nobel Prize. Represented the country as a Key note speaker and panelist in the Global International Teen Conference 2018, Nepal. Started a Mission Sustainable Nepal project supported by ex-Prime Minister of Nepal Dr. Baburam Bhattarai to work towards a sustainable future for Nepal and create opportunities in the country for the youth.