Anil Shetty



Anil Shetty is an Indian Political Leader, Entrepreneur, Author, Activist, and a motivational speaker. He is the lead campaigner of "Save Govt Schools" movement in Karnataka. He is also the President of Nav Bharat Democratic party taking over the reign from R.K Misra. The main agenda of the party is to engage young people in electoral politics. Shetty comes from Shanakaranarayana, a small village in Udupi district, Karnataka. A college drop-out from M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology, he decided to pursue his dream of becoming an Entrepreneur. At the age of 23, Shetty traveled to Mumbai and co-founded the company Fly With VIP which engaged celebrities from Bollywood, Cricket, and high business. Shetty created "Peace Auto", an auto-rickshaw union to help improve the community's circumstances. Today, his team runs the best organised auto-rickshaw union in the city. Shetty has been involved in various community projects for bus drivers, police constables, pourakarmikas, underprivileged students, and the deprived classes. He has organized events to honor civic workers within the city to establish a sense of inclusiveness and responsibility between the workers and the population. In 2016, Shetty was invited to be the chairperson of the Bengaluru Youth Festival. A prolific orator, he has delivered numerous public talks on peace and helped students float peace clubs in colleges. Shetty started “The constitution’s preamble” initiative in association with the Bangalore Political Action Committee in 2016. The ongoing intolerance debate and the award wapsi episode sowed the seeds of this initiative. The initiative was started to reinforce the idea that constitution guards our fundamental rights and not the politicians. He spearheaded 'Flex Politics Beda" campaign against illegal flex banners in Bengaluru city. He is currently running a successful statewide campaign "Save Govt School " demanding new "State Education Policy" which aims to revolutionize public education system in Karnataka. Shetty was invited by the United States Department of State to be the part of International Visitors Leadership Program to represent India. Anil authored his first book "The making of i", a book about his personal experiences revolving around his moral and spiritual growth.